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Dr. Katherine Maddox

Serving the San Antonio Region

Serving the San Antonio Region

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Dr. Katherine Maddox

Dr. Katherine Maddox is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist (Ph.D) and is also a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology (LSSP). Her areas of specialization include providing therapy and diagnostic evaluations for children and adolescents with symptoms related to emotional, behavioral, developmental, and attention/learning problems. 

Dr. Maddox uses evidence-based approaches and a variety of technically strong assessment instruments to ensure quality results that guide appropriate therapeutic intervention. Dr. Maddox takes pride in maintaining expertise on the most cutting edge testing and evaluation processes. For each evaluation, she hand-selects the best assessment batteries that are scientifically tailored for the specific suspected disability in order to produce reliable results.

(210) 762-4228

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The Office

The office is located in San Antonio’s lovely historic district of Monte Vista.

Dr. Maddox has converted an antique southern home into an inviting personal space.  

Practice Specialties


Psychological Testing using a peer-reviewed and scientifically normed multi-subtest battery of assessment 



Diagnostic clarification and recommendation for treatment and/or classroom accommodations, as well as achievement of personal/academic goals


Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Intervention Approaches

Systems approaches that incorporate family and school support

Expert Witness

Expert witness services available for State, Federal, and Family Court, as well as administrative Due Process Hearings and A.R.D. attendance

Issues Routinely Addressed

žAutism Spectrum žDisorders | Learning Disabilities |ŸŸ ADHD |Ÿ Emotional Disturbance |ŸŸ Behavioral Issues |ŸŸ Anxiety |ŸŸ Depression |ŸŸ Coping Skills |ŸŸ Developmental Disorders |ŸŸ Intellectual Disability |ŸŸ Oppositional Defiance |ŸŸ Impulse |ŸŸ Control Disorders |ŸŸ Mood Disorders |ŸŸ Self-Image and Self-Esteem | Social Skills |ŸŸ School Issues |ŸŸ Adjustment to Significant Family Changes such as Adoption, Marital Status Changes, Family Blending, Coping with the Loss of a Loved One, etc.   Ÿ


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